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Cambridge Carpet Tiles in Office

Commercial Carpet Tiles

The Number One Source for Office and Commercial Premises

Every carpet tile in the Burofloor range is manufactured to contract or heavy contract quality, meaning that - whatever you choose - you can be sure it'll withstand office and public use.

All of our prices include UK mainland delivery.

Commercial Carpet Tile Range

The Whole Range

Choose anything - they're all office-ready and you'll be able to download specification sheets for your project file.

You can order free samples to compare at your leisure, and we're always here to help on 01761 473050

See the Range

Commercial Carpet Tile Range

Choose by Colour

If you have a particular effect in mind then this page will make it easiest to find the carpet tiles you want.

We've grouped all of our carpet tiles by colour rather than range. There's nothing to stop you mixing and matching between ranges as they're all compatible.

Choose Carpet Tiles by Colour

Commercial Carpet Tile Range

The Experts' Choice

If you're finding our full range a little bewildering, then here's a page that may help. Our best sellers page is updated regularly with our most popular tiles.

Our best sellers bring you a great balance of performance and value for money, as judged by our most expert customers.

Our Customers' Favourites

Commercial Carpet Tile Range

Need Them Quickly?

We keep large stocks of our Vitesse range ready for next-day dispatch. If you have an urgent requirement then this is a good place to start.

Vitesse is a full heavy contract carpet tile with a ten year warranty, so speed doesn't mean compromise.

Carpet Tiles for Fast Dispatch

Go Your Own Way

Look around most offices and you'd be forgiven for thinking that carpet tiles only come in blue or grey. That's a shame because there's a whole spectrum of colours at your disposal to create moods or reinforce your brand. Think about defining areas with complementary colours for example.

And if you're up for making an impact, take a look at our striped carpet tiles and think about the possibilities.

Striped Carpet Tiles →

The advantages of using carpet tiles

When it comes to choosing carpeting, the market is resplendent with choice and variety. Carpet tiles have been a very popular choice for a number of years now, but there are still many who are unaware of the advantages of using carpet tiles over other types such as broadloom carpets. 1) Easier to install than...


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Carpet Tile Usage Symbols

The array of symbols that accompanies most carpet tiles is intended to help the buyer make an informed choice.  It's a well-intentioned aim, but unless they're fully understood they can mislead rather than guide.  Is a tile fire-resistant?  The presence of a fire-resistance symbol would...


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Vitesse Heavy Contract Carpet Tile

Spotlight on: Vitesse

Heavy Contract Carpet Tiles with a 10 Year Warranty, up to 500 m² available ex stock UK

Heavy Contract Carpet Tiles,up to 500 m² of selected colours available ex UK stock, with a 24/48 hour lead time!

Vitesse Range


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We're always ready with suggestions and advice and we're pretty good at solving problems. If there's anything you'd like to talk about, then here's how:

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