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Before you buy commercial carpet tiles for your office, check that you're buying a a quality carpet tile that is durable, hard-wearing and longer lasting than cheaper alternatives. Floor coverings in offices, shops and other commercial premises suffer far harder usage than those in the home, so one thing a cheap alternative won't be is cheap. 

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Burofloor have specialised in workplace flooring for more than 15 years, and we've been the number one on-line commercial specialist in carpet tiles since 2006. Every tile in our range satisfies the tests required to qualify as general or - in most cases - heavy contract quality. Every one is accompanied by the standard usage symbols to confirm its suitability, and you'll also find a downloadable technical sheet.


Our range of carpet tiles give you all the choice of colours and textures you'll ever need, all manufactured to standards that mean you're making a lasting investment. Spend some time browsing our choice of carpet tiles. Once you've come close to a decision, we'd be happy to send you a free carpet sample. That way you can be certain about the colour and texture.

But you can also judge our quality too.

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life beyond blue

We're not sure why office carpet tiles are always blue. Especially when stripes can create a striking corporate impact.  Take a look at our range of striped carpet tiles.


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Why should you choose high-quality carpet tiles?

When embarking on a home renovation project, the risk of costs spiralling out of control is considerable. Choosing new carpeting can be one of the more expensive areas of renovation, especially if rooms are large and/or a more irregular or unusual shape. This means that many often try to find a lower-cost solution in the hope of saving money in the short term. However, there are several good reasons to avoid this approach, and instead opt for a higher quality of carpet tile, that while perhaps costing more will undoubtedly bring numerous other benefits.

Firstly, high quality carpet tiles will look more striking and attractive in your home or office space. They are invariably made with a much higher quality of materials, and can really enhance a floor space in ways that cheaper alternatives cannot.

Secondly, these high quality carpet tiles will look nicer for longer, making them more cost effective. Some types of carpeting are made with special coatings to make them more resistant to stains, which also make them easier to clean when a stain is made. When you can be sure that any stain made on the carpet can be easily removed, you won’t feel the need to take up the tiles and replace them. This can add up to significant savings over time.

Tough economic times may tempt you to always go for the cheapest alternatives available. However, when it comes to things like carpet tiles, making a drastic reduction in costs will inevitably create a significant sacrifice in quality. In many homes and offices, carpeting will be walked on by a lot of people every day, so it has to last longer in order to be truly cost effective in the long term. Therefore, choosing a higher quality carpet tile is always going to be the best choice for those thinking ahead.

The interior design market is awash with choice these days. When shopping for carpeting, you may be bombarded with options, some cheap and some more expensive. Make sure you examine the quality of the carpet tiles you purchase carefully, and ensure that quality takes precedence over price. The old adage rings true, “you get what you pay for.”


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