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Before you buy commercial carpet tiles for your office, check that you're buying a a quality carpet tile that is durable, hard-wearing and longer lasting than cheaper alternatives. Floor coverings in offices, shops and other commercial premises suffer far harder usage than those in the home, so one thing a cheap alternative won't be is cheap. 

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Burofloor have specialised in workplace flooring for more than 15 years, and we've been the number one on-line commercial specialist in carpet tiles since 2006. Every tile in our range satisfies the tests required to qualify as general or - in most cases - heavy contract quality. Every one is accompanied by the standard usage symbols to confirm its suitability, and you'll also find a downloadable technical sheet.


Our range of carpet tiles give you all the choice of colours and textures you'll ever need, all manufactured to standards that mean you're making a lasting investment. Spend some time browsing our choice of carpet tiles. Once you've come close to a decision, we'd be happy to send you a free carpet sample. That way you can be certain about the colour and texture.

But you can also judge our quality too.

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life beyond blue

We're not sure why office carpet tiles are always blue. Especially when stripes can create a striking corporate impact.  Take a look at our range of striped carpet tiles.


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The advantages of using carpet tiles

When it comes to choosing carpeting, the market is resplendent with choice and variety. Carpet tiles have been a very popular choice for a number of years now, but there are still many who are unaware of the advantages of using carpet tiles over other types such as broadloom carpets.

1) Easier to install than standard rolled carpet
The most obvious advantage of carpet tiles is that they fit together easily in such a way that makes it easy for even the most amateur DIY enthusiast to complete themselves. It removes the need for a skilled carpet fitter whose time and abilities usually come at a high cost.

2) Easier cleaning and care
Carpet tiles do not require glue of special padding to install them. This means that individual carpet tiles can easily be taken up for cleaning and drying, and then are easy to replace again. Also, if one small area becomes badly stained, or damaged from wear, it can be quickly and simply replaced without having to re-carpet the entire room.

3) More freedom with design
Because carpet tiles come in different colours and sizes, it allows one more freedom to customise the overall floor design to reflect their own personality, family or corporate image. What’s more, their versatility allows them to be easily laid to fit a more complex room layout, which increases their economical value as using a traditional carpet fitting service would cost more with a more difficult layout.

4) Carpet tiles are more eco-friendly
Most carpet tiles are made with more recycled content than broadloom carpets, and when it comes to replacing them, it is easier to bring up carpet tiles and take them for recycling than it is with a large roll of carpeting.

Arguably the prevailing advantage of carpet tiles is their cost effectiveness in the long term. When buying high quality carpet tiles you may spend more initially, but the flexibility and ease of installation and removal make them a highly economical choice for many. Make sure you examine the market well, and choose the best products to suit your individual needs.


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Dyeing to Know

Dyeing in one form or another has been with us for centuries. There is evidence that during the Neolithic period, (12,000 BC) dyeing had been used to decorate clothing and other fabrics. Back then it was a simple process of using vegetation and dipping ...

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