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Look for the GoodWeave mark

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Look for the GoodWeave mark

Many of us don’t really pay a huge amount of attention to where our carpets, tiles or rugs come from. We look at how pretty they are and whether they’ll fit with our décor. There is though a major concern in the handmade rug industry that child labour is being heavily exploited and especially in South Asia.
GoodWeave International (GWI) is a non-governmental organisation working to end child labour in the handmade rug industry. They also offer support and educational opportunities in the weaving community.

Previously known as Rugmark, GWI provide assurances to the consumer that their rug has been created by manufacturers that voluntarily sign up and agree to the independent verification process. Over the last 20 years, they have made incredible progress in reducing the incidence of child labour in the South Asian carpet industry and they intend to roll out their vision across other industries as well.

From the outside looking in, we would just assume that all that needs to be done is to shut down these terrible places of work. However, in many cases this is the only form of income so a different approach was required. GWI looked at not just working conditions but also implemented criteria to raise the standard of living in these poor communities and get right to the root of child labour. This included education and constant dialogue with the communities.

To find out more about GWI, please visit http://www.goodweave.net/about


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