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Carpet tiles in a range of colours

Choose Your Colour

Colour sets the mood of the workspace, so choosing wisely can have a noticeably beneficial effect on the mood and behaviour of your customers or staff.

We've put a few mood tips on this page, but we still think the best reason for choosing a colour is because you like it!

This page is here to make it easy for you to look across all our ranges to find the colour you want.

Blue carpet tile

Blue Carpet Tiles

Blue has a calming effect, which may be great for bedrooms, but makes its position as the joint favourite colour a little surprising for commercial premises!
It's a great carpet colour, but think about offsetting its coolness with warmer colours elsewhere.

Grey carpet tile

Grey Carpet Tiles

Neutral shades give you the maximum freedom with other decor, and this colour shows soiling less than probably any other.
An all-grey office can have a dulling effect on mood, so look to add brightness to raise the mood.

Green carpet tile

Green Carpet Tiles

Restful and relaxing, green can nevertheless invigorate staff and customers with a feeling of calm cooperation.
It's a cheerful colour that's associated with growth and development.

Red carpet tile

Red Carpet Tiles

Red is the most stimulating colour. It promotes energy and raises adrenaline levels.
Intense reds are avant-garde and challenging, while muted pinks raise energy levels without promoting aggression.

Orange carpet tile

Orange Carpet Tiles

Orange is cheerful and full of energy. It's great for creating a stimulating atmosphere. It's a young colour, making it good for universities or creative studios. Create drama by showing it against black.

russet carpet tile

Russet Carpet Tiles

A muted red, russet is softened by autumnal tones to give a more serene environment that still energises and stimulates. We associate russet with fruitfulness and productivity.
It works extremely well when teamed with grey.

russet carpet tile

Biscuit Carpet Tiles

Neutral and therefore versatile, biscuit is a great colour to choose where you need to tone with a variety of key colours.
It can look bland without highlights, so look to add colour in paintwork or detailing.

ginger carpet tile

Ginger Carpet Tiles

Ginger is similarly neutral to biscuit, but with hints of red to give it a slightly more fiery feel.
Ginger is a warm, welcoming colour but, like biscuit, may need bolder detailing to maintain interest.

brwon carpet tile

Brown Carpet Tiles

Brown can be rich and warm, giving a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. But it can also create a sombre environment, so look carefully at the overall effect you're creating. It's a good choice for traditional offices and workplaces.

striped carpet tile

Striped Carpet Tiles

Bring some interest and creativity to your floors with striped carpet tiles. Our ranges can create challenging geometric patterns for the avant-garde office or just add a subtle twist to the workplace or shop premises.


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